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Agarose Ultrapure

Agarose Ultrapure

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Agarose is a highly purified linear galactan hydrocolloid isolated from seaweed Gelidium species which forms a firm gel matrix with a high strength at low concentrations making it ideal for diffusion and electrokinetic movement of biopolymers such as DNA and RNA. Our Agarose Ultrapure is recommended for electrophoresis of nucleic acids > 1000 bp. It is manufactured and quality controlled specifically to meet the stringent requirements associated with nucleic acid applications.

Appearance Powder
Colour White or off-white powder
Endonuclease/ligase inhibitory factor Negative
Gel Strength (1.0% Gel) =>1200 g/cm2
EEO (Electroendosmosis(-Mr) <= 0.13
Water <= 10.0%
Sulfate <= 0.15%
Ash <= 0.5%
DNase Negative
RNase Negative
Protease Negative
Melting Point °C 88 ± 1.5°C
Gelling Point °C 36 ± 1.5°C
Solubility (1% water) Clear colourless solution

CAS No. 9012-36-6


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Agarose unique characteristics

Agarose forms a 3D gel matrix of helical agarose molecules in supercoiled bundles. Each bundle is held by hydrogen bonds, with channels and pores through which molecules are able to migrate. The gel structure contains uniform pore sizes, allowing for the separation of biomolecules based on their size, charge, or affinity. This makes Agarose a crucial component in gel electrophoresis, used to separate and analyse DNA, RNA, and proteins based on their size and charge.

Agarose gels are transparent in appearance, allowing for visual analysis of separated molecules in gel electrophoresis without the need for staining or additional treatment. The gels also maintain their structure, even at relatively high temperatures, making them suitable for applications that involve heat, such as PCR (polymerase chain reaction) analysis of short synthetic DNA fragments.

Agarose is also biologically compatible with living cells, making it suitable for biological applications such as tissue engineering, where it serves as a scaffold for cell growth. Their biocompatibility and ability to mimic certain aspects of the extracellular matrix make them useful for growing cells in three-dimensional environments, aiding in tissue regeneration research.

Other Industries and applications

Agarose possesses several key characteristics that make it highly valuable in various research applications and finds extensive use across a wide range of other industries including microbiology, pharmaceuticals, and tissue engineering. Due to its thickening properties it also used in the food and cosmetics industries.

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