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Formedium are Suppliers and Specialist Manufacturers of Custom Powdered Media

Formedium™ are dedicated to the manufacture and supply of the highest quality powdered media. We stock a wide range of standard industry products as well as specialising in the production of bespoke formulas. We are a customer driven company focused on delivering quality, service and competitive pricing to meet the exacting needs of academia, research and industry. Our highly developed Yeast Culture Media range offers outstanding quality and value. You can purchase any of our products online, request a bespoke formula or quickly and easily build your own quote online.

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Delivering Quality Service & Competitive Pricing Worldwide

Formedium™ are totally committed to delivering quality, service and competitive pricing to meet the exacting needs of academia, research and industry.

Catalogue products delivered within 2-4 working days
Order online, payment by credit card & purchase order accepted.

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Formedium™ specialise in the formulation and production of custom powdered media. The mixing of the wide range of ingredient concentrations found in nutrient media presents a unique manufacturing challenge. If you have a product you would like manufactured.

Powdered media for use in life sciences and research in agriculture, environment and food & drink

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The Neidhardt medium supplied by ForMedium Ltd is a slight variant on that defined by Neidhardt et al. Modifications were made by Blattner et al.

Neidhardt MOPS Minimal Medium is a rich defined medium which should allow repeatable high growth rates.

Neidhardt Basal Salt Mixture, Glucose 20 g/L

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The agriculture industry faces a multitude of challenges from battles against plant diseases to the enhancement of crop yields and sustainability, driven by both natural and anthropogenic factors. These challenges are increasingly complex, given the global need for sustainable food production systems that can support a growing population under changing climate
New Agarose

NEW Agarose Available Now

Agarose is a highly purified linear galactan hydrocolloid isolated from seaweed Gelidium species which forms a firm gel matrix with a high strength at low concentrations making it ideal for diffusion and electrokinetic movement of biopolymers such as DNA and RNA.
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