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Health and Safety Policy

The maintenance of high standards of Health & Safety for all employees, customers and the public is a subject to which Formedium Ltd attaches particular importance.
It is the policy of Formedium Ltd to promote continuous improvement in the health, safety and welfare of its employee’s insofar as is reasonably practicable, by:

  • The provision and maintenance of plant, systems and working environments that are safe, without risks to health and adequate with regard to facilities and arrangements for the welfare of employees at work;
  • Making arrangements for ensuring safety and absence of risk to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of equipment and materials;
  • The provision of the appropriate information, instruction, training and competent supervision;
  • The internal publication of performance measures;
  • The conduct of operations in such a way to ensure that the surrounding population and visitors to the site are not exposed to health or safety risks;
  • Ensuring joint consultation with employees in the achievement of the aims of this policy;
  • Contributing towards the formation of and observing all relevant codes of practice;
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of such an overall policy through the APC Committee;
  • Developing an annual plan which highlights key tasks for the organisation and;
  • Auditing systems to maintain high standards of compliance.

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