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Equal Opportunity Policy

This policy sets out Formedium Ltd’s approach to promoting Equality of Opportunity, with the primary aim of providing equality for all and preventing any form of discrimination.


Formedium Ltd is committed to creating an inclusive working environment to maximize the potential of all staff, providing equal opportunities in all aspects of employment and avoiding unlawful discrimination at work.   Formedium Ltd will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimization of employees or third parties who do work on Formedium Ltd’s behalf.
The policy applies to all Formedium Ltd staff who are expected to adopt the same principles; contactors; consultants and any other third parties who carry out work on Formedium Ltd’s behalf.


The key principles of this Equal Opportunities policy are to:

  1. Provide equality for all
  2. Promote an inclusive culture
  3. Respect and value differences of everyone
  4. Prevent discrimination, harassment and victimization
  5. Promote and foster good relations across the workforce and with partners

This means being aware of the impact of our behaviour and thinking about the impact of employment policies and our programmes in the UK and overseas on people from the protected groups listed below.

The Law

Our policy is governed by the Equality Act 2010, which makes it unlawful to discriminate directly or indirectly, in recruitment or employment because of the protected characteristic.
The protected characteristics are:
i.         Age
ii.         Disability
iii.         Gender (or sex)
iv.         Gender reassignment
v.         Race
vi.         Religion or belief
vii.         Sexual orientation
viii.         Pregnancy and maternity
ix.         Marriage and civil partnership
The Equality Act 2010 places the public sector under a statutory Equality Duty to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimization, advance equality of opportunity between people from different groups and foster good relations between people of different groups.
The Act applies to everyone in Great Britain.  Formedium Ltd applies the general principles to any of our overseas offices or representatives, but practice may vary from office to office to take account of local laws and custom.

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