EMBO’s scientific skills courses for PhD students and postdocs are well underway with the first couple delivered to excellent feedback. Over the spring and summer EMBO have plenty of additional dates for the courses below.

You can book a space on any of the following online courses here: https://lab-management.embo.org/dates

Research Integrity

The principles and practices of the responsible conduct of research are the best way to ensure high-quality, open science, reproducibility, and research integrity. Embo’s Scientific Integrity: How to publish reproducible results workshop is designed to give scientists a rigorous and effective mindset and tools with which to conduct high-quality, reproducible research.

Scientific Communication

The effective communication of your discoveries in a variety of formats is critical to success as a scientist. Embo’s Communicating research: Paper writing and short presentations workshop is designed to help PhD students and postdocs develop meaningful narratives about their research, supported by data and delivered with skill and creativity in published papers and talks.

Peer Reviewing

Peer review is a fundamental, communal effort to ensure that published research meets the highest standards. The course How to review a scientific paper supports postdocs and PhD students in their analytical and reviewing skills, teaching them how to assess a paper’s strengths and weaknesses, and how to understand the editorial process at journals.

Designing Schematic Figures

The visual representation of scientific discoveries is increasingly important in the online world. The workshop Applying design principles to schematic figures teaches participants how to create effective schematic figures to communicate their research and attract interest through publications and social media. This workshop can be booked as a standalone course and is also an effective complement to the Communicating research: Paper writing and short presentations course.

You can book a place for yourself or your people here: https://lab-management.embo.org/dates.