Cell Cycle Meeting 2023

The 12th Salk Cell Cycle Meeting will be held at the Salk Institute, Monday, July 24 to Thursday, July 27, 2023.

David Morgan will give the opening Newport Lecture and there is a great lineup of invited speakers in seven sessions: growth and proliferation, DNA replication, genome stability, mitosis I, mitosis II, cell cycle and development, and cell cycle switches and division. Additional speakers will be selected to give short talks from submitted abstracts. Please see the abstract submission and registration details below.

Newport Lecture:

David Morgan (UC San Francisco)

Invited Speakers:

• Amanda Amodeo (Dartmouth College)
• Alexis Barr (Imperial College, United Kingdom)
• Karlene Cimprich (Stanford University)
• Sara Cuylen-Haering (EMBL, Germany)
• Jennifer DeLuca (Colorado State University)
• Arshad Desai (UC San Diego)
• Jennifer Ewald (University of Tübingen, Germany)
• James Ferrell (Stanford University)
• James Moseley (Dartmouth School of Medicine)
• Binyam Mogessie (Yale University)
• Andrea Musacchio (MPI, Dortmund, Germany)
• Jason Sheltzer (Yale University)
• Johannes Walter (Harvard University)
• Joseph Yeeles (LMB, Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Abstract Submission Deadline
June 20, 2023

Registration Deadline
July 10, 2023